Should have posted this the other day. I think I tweeted it though. Ruth was pretty great this season. Girl who played her, I liked her enough to look her up after the final episode — Kasha Kropinski. What a great name. Sad to see her go. The Cullen Bohannon I know would have tossed Sydney Snow’s bullet-riddled corpse out of the window and called it suicide and life would have rolled right along and he and Ruth would have made frontier babies and pleased God in ways only real Americans can. Oh well. Still looking forward to next season.

can you tell me how to get, how to get to islamabaaaad

Went to sleep hungry for more Homeland and woke up to this.

You know, Claire Danes (I really hope that’s her real name) is a month younger than I am. And I think that we were probably for the briefest of times exposed to at least some of the same You-Can-Be-An-Actor-And-A-Great one stimuli that was out there for kids in the 80s. ‘Cause I was serious about it. Because I was good. I was a natural. My mom knew. Other moms knew. I was going places. Strong voice. Spot on reactions. Good looking. I’m sure I could have had a roll on a mid-90s teen drama if I’d pressed on. I’m not sure why I stopped. It’s not really important I guess. Point is, is that if I had—kept pushing, head shots, workshops, auditions—I can totally see Claire and I crossing paths at some point and becoming, like, audition pals. Are there audition pals? If there are, Claire and I would have been audition pals. I think we would have gotten along. Probably land roles on the same show or movie. Brat Pack 2.0. Become even tighter. Not romantic, just tight. Romantic tension, sure. That’s just the way it goes. But more brother-sister. (Is she an only child? I bet she is. That’s probably why I feel this kindred stuff. About to check. No–an older brother BUT he’s seven years older. So basically she is an only child. I mean, I have two way younger brothers, technically half, and I’m pretty much an only child.) But we didn’t and here I am sounding creepy but I’m not creepy, promise. It’s just that whenever I see her in something, which is actually pretty much only Homeland and I think some John Grisham movie–truth be told, I’ve only watched an episode or two of My So-Called Life but I really appreciate its vibe and role and everything–and I guess now Sesame Street, I just have this sense that we’d get along. Have I written about this before? I think I’ve written about this before. Maybe it was that thing about Madonna.

OK, I just read more of the Wikipedia entry. She was born in Manhattan and went to performing arts schools and stuff. BUT! I went to Montessori for like a year and did the gifted stuff (so long ago) later on and was I think maybe accepted by the Alabama School of Fine Arts, or at least was maybe encouraged to go. So I’m stickin’ to it “Briefest of time… at least some of…” That’s all I said.


It’s all about the information

I’m pretty good at impressions and I just now totally mastered Ben Kingsley’s accent and meter and inflection and everything from that rooftop scene in “Sneakers,” especially the “I don’t expect other people to understand this…” line, which is a pretty bromantic line.

I feel like i have so many Cosmos in my life. More on that another time I’m sure. But yeah, I was just in the kitchen and nailed it a few times (I may have freaked out my neighbor — you have to say it pretty loudly to hit that gritty sweet spot in your throat) and wanted to share. I would do a video of myself saying it, but it sounds so exactly like this there’s really no point.

His voice is Devine

Netflixing “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” for the first time and there’s no way this portly has-been (his character, I mean) isn’t the voice of Friar Tuck in Disney’s “Robin Hood”… I’m not even going to IMDB it.

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 4.09.42 PM

Well, I went ahead just for kicks—yep, Andy Devine. Just realized this wasn’t a TV show, and therefore not technically in Matlog’s official purview. But well, since I’m sure it’s been on TV before, I guess it technically is. Whatever–had to pass the time while one again seeing if Site 5 will let me into TWER.  And look at that—TWO posts in a week or so. I’m so back. #blogging

Castle Matlock


The dude accused of killing Abe Forester (somethin’ Gabriel… Steven?) in that awesome newspaper, mail tube episode of Matlock was in the latest episode of Castle. Some sort of shady movie producer. And, you know, way older.

It was the voice that gave it away. I’m great with voices.

Actually he was in that other episode, too — the dude who was bribed to say Ben had offered him a bribe. And now that I that I think about it, he was that dude in every show in the mid-late 80s.

Just IMDB’D: Alan Blumenfeld. So thank you Alan Blumenfeld. You were perfectly every dude you needed to be.